Free Wellness Workshop By Dr. Tony Murczek

WOW is a monthly Workshop on Wellness that demonstrates philosophies of Naturopathic care, along with practical ways in which patients can benefit. It is a chance for you to ask questions and gain confidence that you have chosen a healthcare regimen that will serve you well.


Who Should Attend WOW?

New Patients—WOW is a great way for new patients who are serious about taking charge of their wellness objectives to gain a better understanding of the WHAT, WHY, and HOW it all works.


Existing Patients—WOW is a way for existing patients who already enjoy results from alternative care to gain a deeper understanding about how various treatment methods work together to promote wellness.


Family Members—spouses or family members may want to accompany you to WOW as a way of offering their support, discovering what you are doing to improve your health and why, and entrusting that your healthcare management is in qualified and caring hands. Questions from family members are always welcome.


Friends—your friends have noticed positive changes in your health and wellness and are curious about how they too can benefit from a Naturopathic treatment plan. Invite them to attend WOW as your guest or independently.


Referrals—we welcome all referrals interested in learning more about Naturopathic care, and only require that you RSVP for this free event.


Individuals—you’ve found us online or heard about us from another source and would like more information before making a decision about choosing Naturopathy as a foundation for your healthcare needs. RSVP for our next WOW!


There’s absolutely no obligation or pressure to schedule appointments. WOW is simply a means to educate individuals on Dr. Murczek’s processes and healing philosophies to get a more comprehensive picture of how your treatment strategy will provide the health benefits you are seeking.


Upcoming WOW dates: May 16, 2018 at 736 SE 60th Ave.  Portland, OR  97215  6:30pm - 7:30pm


To RSVP Contact Us with your name, phone, and the number of people who wish to attend. If you need to cancel, please let us know in advance.